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  About CCCG

The call for papers is here: (pdf, text). The poster is available here.

CCCG began in 1989 and has been held in a Canadian city every August since then. Researchers are encouraged to submit their work as long as it is original, correct, non-trivial, and has a geometric flavor. Results in computational, combinatorial and discrete geometry are welcome, as well as work from a wide range of applications, such as graphics, vision, robotics, geographical information systems, protein folding, statistical analysis, graph drawing, visualization, circuit design, etc.
Papers are double- or triple-reviewed to ensure that the above critieria are satisfied. However no paper will be rejected to ensure a particular acceptance ratio. In most years, a selection of accepted papers is sent to a special issue of a Computational Geometry journal.

Each year, there are three plenary lectures, including the Paul Erdős memorial lecture. The conference also features an open problem session, and a business meeting where all participants may attend and vote on issues such as future locations of the conference.

In the past few years, the conference has had roughly 70 to 120 participants. The student participation rate is about 40% (although in the past few years it has been around 60% including postdocs). Usually half the participants are from Canadian institutions, about a quarter from the USA, and the rest from around the globe.

CCCG maintains a friendly community atmosphere. Organizers do their best to keep registration fees low, especially for students. Any budget surplus is forwarded to future conference organizers to help for this cause.

For past conferences and proceedings, you may visit the CCCG home page.