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  Accommodation (this page is left untouched in case it still helps for finding accommodation in Toronto)

It is recommended that you use this page as your primary source of information for hotels and residences. For anything about bed-and-breakfasts, and for supplementary descriptions/information on hotels/residences, you can try the Fields page on housing and this residence brochure .

Please check ratings for yourself, for instance at Tripadvisor.com.

Information on hotels, special rates and availability is contained in the map below. If you prefer, here is the link instead. Some hotels have "caubo" rates, but usually they are for a small number of rooms that are not on hold. For more on caubo see here.
Check the Location section (button to the left) if you want to see another map showing landmarks or subway lines that are near the hotels you consider. Downtown is south of campus, but there are things to do on the north side as well (e.g. Yorkville or Little Italy), plus the subway will get you from side to the other.

The social events are on campus, and at Panorama, shown on this map.

The following hotels have special rates and/or rooms held. More info and more hotels on the map. Note that internet promotions occasionally beat the special rates. Add 13% tax to all rates. In some cases, the "caubo" or "cccg" (etc) code can be entered at the hotel's online reservation system. A few hotels provided a ready link for this; see rightmost column. Otherwise please call them.

(Single) -
Mention Rooms held
Link w/code
or form
Residence: Woodsworth College $(70) CCCG full
The Alexandra Hotel (1.5* #72) $86 Fields/CCCG 20 (June 30)
Residence/hotel: 89 Chestnut (#103) $99 CCCG 30 (July 9)
Clarion Hotel-Suites Selby (2.5* #57) $96 Caubo --
Madison Manor Boutique Hotel (no rating. #63) $99 UofT Rate 1 --
Super 8 Hotel Downtown (2* #54) $108 Fields/CCCG 14+6 (July 10)
Bond Place Hotel (2.5* #55) $109 CCCG 20 (July 9) link
Comfort Hotel Downtown (2.5* #88) $(115)-125 Caubo --
Courtyard Marriott Downtown (3* #30) $129 CCCG 30+40 (July 8) king - 2queen
Holiday Inn Bloor-Yorkville (3* #40) $129 3 letters: CCG 16+30 (July 8) .doc form
Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown (3* #46) $155 Fields/CCCG -- link
Delta Chelsea (3.5* #44) $155 Caubo --
Cosmopolitan T. Centre Hotel-Spa (4* #31) $160 Caubo --
Metropolitan Hotel (3.5* #60) $169 Caubo --
Cambridge Suites (4* #2) $(149)-174 U of T --
The Strathcona (3* #50) $169 CCCG 10 (July 9)
Intercontinental Toronto Yorkville (4* #5) $175 Caubo --
Pantages Hotel-Suites-Spa (4* #51) $175 Caubo --
Ramada (Plaza) Hotel-Suites (3* #58) $179 Fields 5 (June 22)
Hilton (4* #25) $189 CCCG 15 (July 1) link
Sheraton Centre (4* #27) $189 CCCG 10 (July 7) link

Back to residences:
Unfortunately, some of the nicest residences are booked even more than a year in advance. Also, many of the residences at UofT only accept long-term summer guests, or are old-style dorms with shared bathrooms per floor.
Regarding on-campus residences listed at Fields, there is yet another link. We have checked availability and determined the following.

Good news:

  • The 89 Chestnut Residence has a block of 30 rooms reserved until June 22. Each room has 2 double beds. This is not on campus, but 1.5km walking (Manhattan) distance from Fields. See 89chestnut.com or call +1(416)-977-0707 and mention CCCG. Single or Double occupancy with private bathroom is $99 +13% tax. This includes buffet breakfast. Modem rental is $5 per day. Housekeeping is once per 7 days only (I don't know what happens if you book three separate single nights). Each floor has a common area with microwave, fridge and TV lounge. See more details on website.
    Note: During a visit last summer, the rooms seemed really spacious, perhaps a bit old looking though. Somewhat better than what some reviews on Tripadvisor suggest, but please take all into consideration. They have also told me that they're replacing some beds and furniture this year. Alternate website photos.
  • Massey College may have some ``standard" rooms with semi-private bath, at $52-86 (single-double). They are not on hold. See these two links: rates and details and forms (if form doesn't download try a different browser).

    Bad news:

  • Woodsworth College Residence has run out of space.
  • St. Michael's College residences have said they are fully booked for August. Some of their buildings are under construction during the summer. It is possible that by May we will know if they will be available.
  • Loretto residence is fully booked for August.
  • University, Innis and Trinity Colleges require weekly or monthly stays.
  • College hostel (aka Global Village) has pretty terrible reviews.

    No news (yet):

  • New College has dorm-style rooms. Nothing reserved yet.
  • Victoria University has dorm-style rooms. Nothing reserved yet.
  • Neill-Wycik College (dorm-style?). Is described on Tripadvisor. Seems basic.
  • Tartu College has rooms fitting the same description as Woodsworth (not verified in person). Summer applications commence April 15.